Fear of Failure

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I have talked before about my dream of being a photographer, and why I pursued this as a second career. I had been doing this "job" for just over a year when I came across FLY, an online workshop offered by Angie Warren. It is a fairly tight-knit group of women, with only 18 enrolled. Our goal? To "fly" away from our fear of failure and to feel confidence in our own work and our photography style. It has been an amazing workshop so far.  Of course we are all going to have days when we feel defeated, feel down, and feel like giving up, despite all our dreams and desires to move forward. It's so easy to feel alone at times like that, to feel like you should just forget about it and give up.

Well, one of the workshop ladies offered a link this morning to an amazing video that showcases others who have failed... and succeeded. It is truly inspirational. Take a peek:

Of course I realize this video is not exactly photography-related, but I just felt like sharing it. If it helps one person overcome their fear of failure, then this post will be worth it :)

Happy birthday Sasha and Stella!

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Well it's hard to believe, but my twin nieces turned one just a couple of weeks ago. They had a sweet party... complete with an amazing cake, courtesy of their mama and cousin Jenny, who worked tirelessly to have it done in time for the celebration. I think I will hire them for Emma's next birthday, what do you think?

Of course Emma was very excited!!!  So she had to pick out their gifts and special wrapping paper and supplies.... here is the result of her efforts... pretty impressive as well!

Emma wasn't giving me any photos... or so she thought... I love these two of her :)

I love the little details that go into things, and I wanted to make sure to capture the details from Sasha and Stella's party as well. After all, girls only turn one once! The tissue flowers were my fave! And sleepy baby Travis too :)

Well I know you're waiting to see the birthday girls..... so here they are!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!! Hope you had a fantastic day! xoxo

What to wear - SPRING!

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I frequently get asked by prospective clients.... "what should we wear for our photo shoot?". There are many things I advise them, but basically it comes down to the following:

*wear complementary colours

*matching is NOT necessary - at ALL!

*layer and accessorize - adds depth and texture to your photos, plus it's fun! Think boots, hats, shoes, hair accessories, etc.

*colour colour colour!

*bring a 2nd outfit for a different look if you want

I also encourage people to check out Old Navy and Gap Canada online, for even more ideas. Those websites show lots of variety for the whole family, and as a bonus they have great sales :)  Plus they give you lots of ideas for different combinations and accessories too.

Of course, a visual always helps, right? I put this compilation together for a family of four (mom, dad, boy and girl). Obviously this doesn't fit everyone's family, but you get the idea.

Of course you're thinking - SPRING? Did you not look outside? Of course. But spring is not that far away, and now is the time to start thinking about a fresh, fun, colourful photo shoot. Get ready to beat the winter blahs!!  I am now taking bookings for spring and summer shoots, so call me today!

Winter wonderland

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So it's been pretty snowy here lately, boy is that an understatement!! I had promised Emma that I would take her snowshoeing yesterday, and we didn't go too far but it was fun anyway. Usually we can access the walking trail directly across from our house, but there was just too big of a bank for us to get over. Next time we will definitely have to find a way, because it's so much fun :)

Here are some shots of Emma, who actually let me take a few photos of her (which doesn't happen too often)...

Gotta love all this snow. You can't see out any of the windows of the front of the house. Can't see them from this direction either... lol...

The trees in the woods on our way to the trail just look so amazing with all this snow too I find. Couldn't resist taking a few photos on our little jaunt...

And then out of nowhere was this brown leaf from the fall. Just laying in the snow.

And my lightpost at the end of the walkway? Oh yeah there it is...

Well I do love the winter, but I think I am not alone when I say "where's spring??" - hopefully sometime soon, but with all this snow to melt it's hard to say!!

Just as a reminder, i you are thinking spring photo shoots, it's never too early to book!

Have a great weekend (without any more snow I hope)!