Shooting for myself

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When I first started getting serious about photography, the stuff I was shooting was very different than it is now. Now, of course, I tend to focus more on portraits and weddings. Back then, I did a lot of nature photography, particularly flowers.  Often times now, I find myself wishing I could get out and take some photos *just for me*. However, between work, photography sessions, and family time, there isn't often much time left to spare - and the idea gets tossed to the side, "for another day, when I'm not so busy". When does that day come? Not very often. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my clients. Every person that has allowed me to photograph them has made me feel so blessed, that they allowed me to document their lives with my lens. But, now and then, I still miss the days of just taking photos just for fun.

On Easter weekend, Emma and I were heading to her Nana and Papa's house for an Easter egg hunt and brunch, followed by some kite-flying. I brought my camera along that day, hoping to get a few shots of Emma, and some of her really awesome kites (which I did - and will definitely share soon). Once I had taken a few of those shots, I got walking the perimeter of their property, and found myself drawn to some interesting little things, things that I may not have otherwise noticed had I not been walking alone with my camera. So I took a few shots. And soon enough, I felt so content. I was experimenting, and having fun with my camera. I was shooting for myself. I can't begin to tell you how amazing it felt.

Here are some of my results from that day. Some of them, I'm sure you will look at and maybe even wonder what it is, or why I shot it from that angle? That's the idea - to look at things from a different perspective.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I did taking them! I would love to hear your feedback on them! For sure, I am going to get some printed, probably as some nice canvasses for my home. I'll be showing them off here when I do! Thanks!!


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