Faith and Nate

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I want to start off this post by showing you a few images of this adorable brother and sister, whose photos I took last fall.

Some of you from my hometown may already be familiar with this story, but I wanted to share it here again.

Faith and Nate are the two gorgeous children of Krista and Billy Dickson of Miramichi. Against all odds, both have been diagnosed not long after birth as having Type 1 Diabetes. The odds of having one child with this illness are not very high, let alone having two. Nate was only recently diagnosed, and requires an insulin pump in order to adequately manage his illness; and unfortunately, this is an expense the family is struggling to pay for. As you can imagine, the expenses associated with having two children requiring diabetic supplies can be quite high, not just from the pump supplies, but also from the very frequent testing, as growing children can have blood sugar levels all over the place, and the only way to know is to test frequently. When test strips cost about $1 apiece, that definitely adds up.

So Faith and Nate and their family would greatly appreciate any financial assistance you can give them. Some friends of the Dickson family have a website set up just for this. All funds contributed go directly to the Dickson family, to assist with Faith and Nate's medical expenses.  If you would like more information on them and how you can help, just click:

Faith and Nate

Thanks :-)


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